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New cars, increase of the less polluting

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The new cars sold in Europe are less polluting: last year of 12.8 million new cars registered there has been a decrease of CO2...

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Crisis: depression in 1 million more in Eu and Usa

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Austerity measures taken in Europe and North America to the present economic crisis, have led to at least a thousand suicides and one...

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Smart Cities: 665 milions of euro from Miur

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With a new Call the Miur, italian ministry of research will allocate 665.5 million euros to companies, research centers, joint venture...

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Science: where the european public is informed

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Almost everything we know about science and technology comes from television or newspapers. The use of Internet to stay informed is...

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The “Tavola Doria” after 70 years goes back to Italy.

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Disappeared from Naples in 1940 and  seached   by the Italian police since 1983 , the Tavola Doria  returned to Italy after more than...

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