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Bitonto is in the running to become Capital Italian of the Culture for 2020

Bitonto is in the running to become Capital Italian of the Culture for 2020

Thursday 12 January, the mayor of Bitonto, Michael Abbaticchio and the alderman to the territorial marketing Rino Mangini has held a first meeting to feel the wrist of the city on a candidacy thanks to which Bitonto can compete to national level to the circle title. The mayor in this meeting has expressed the intention to participate in the announcement of the Mibact announced for March 2017. According to the mayor, Bitonto is now ready to offer services and cultural centers without comparisons, the city in fact has a good system of cultural heritage managed by subject individualized by public announcement, and enriched with innovative services, without precedents. There were many cultural initiatives in recent years, from the recovery of the Teatro Traetta, to the exploitation of the archaeological museum De Palo-Ungaro, also building a multimedial pole in the Municipal Library “Eustace Rogadeo”. But that’s not all, in the next months will start the services that justify the introduction of an entrance fee for some cultural attractions, such as 4D reconstructions reconstructions in 4D of the historical center in the past epochs, guides and contemplated systems of signs, iper-visions, app and connections with commercial and tourist activity, that has been developed since 2012 enormously.

After Cagliari, Lecce, Perugia, Ravenna and Siena (2015), Mantua (2016) and Pistoia (2017), on the wake of the near Matera elected capital European of the culture for 2019, also Bitonto can intend then as cultural city and to rise to the rank of the great Italian metropolises. To the winning city a contribution of a million will be destined of European and the exclusion from the tie of the pact of stability of the resources invested in the realization of the project.

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