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Growth of the e-commerce in Italy

Growth of the e-commerce in Italy

The market of the e-commerce, in Italy and in the world is a phenomenon in strong increase. Today, in fact, to buy in Italy is more and more a habit. Consider that in the last five years the number of the e-shopper is doubled straight, in Italy, it is passed from the 9 million of March 2011 to the 18, 8 million March 2016.

Most of the growth of this market online developing on the areas of fashion, which alone is worth around 1.5 billion euro, and computer industries, with over 2 million in sales ( There is however to say that is gaining increasing prominence even the online market for food products, especially biological. The food sector is one of the most dynamic sectors within e-commerce scene (in 2015 reached nearly 500 million in sales). Suffice it to say that the Food & Wine Gourmet of nearly 260 million euro. This also thanks to the initiative of the producers that enhance the local products, and thanks to retailers (eg wine) so that they can promote more niche products, thus making them get out of the logic of the “geographical limitation”.

This idea is also based on the work of, through its e-commerce site allows local producers and small business owners to learn about Italian excellence.

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