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Matera, european capital of culture 2019

Matera, european capital of culture 2019

Matera will be the European Capital of Culture for 2019.

Good governance, the active participation of citizens, a strong creativity of initiatives planned, the European dimension, the cultural diversity of the member countries: these are the criteria that Matera has succeeded for  this appointment.Matera will be the European capital of culture together with the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv.The designation has a  significant economic impact  in  the economic, cultural,and social fields. According to some observers, the economic impact on the territory of thistitle is estimated at about 30 million euro.In particular, the average increase in overnight stays of tourists in the year designation is 11% and the beneficial effect is particularly sensitive for the less touristy city. The growth is demonstrated in the short to medium term, but it can have effects in the long term as the example of Glasgow 1990, which had a 50% growth of foreign arrivals, becoming the third destination in the UK, after London and Edinburgh.

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