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Made in Italy pushes exports. E-commerce the best bet

Made in Italy pushes exports.  E-commerce the best bet

Marketplace, training portals, digital displays:  made in Italy brides the network.
In the past three years at least a dozen of  platforms dedicated to quality of  Italian products have seen the birth.
The novelty is that the marriage between the web and manufacturing excellence is no longer  reserved to large enterprises,  but also involves SMEs.
Next to reality as Yoox, which offers a digital showcase to  major luxury brands, they are aggregators that enhance the stories of small producers.
The boom starts from  the conviction that e-commerce is the best bet to boost exports.
They is still lots to do, considering that only 5% of our businesses sell online, against a European average of 14%.
But  e-commerce is growing: at the end of the year it will exceed 13 billion euro (2.5 exports).
And the brand “Made in Italy” works well: in 2013 searches on Google related to high-tech sectors (fashion, food, and cars) grew by 12% compared to 2012.
The most successful portals,   among those suitable for small business, receive a maximum of 30 thousand producers and are not large enough to worry giants like Amazon.
Things could change, however, because  banks and institutions seem to be interested.
Even big firms  as Google and Samsung  are involved with projects that   range  from storytelling to the teaching of crafts, a sign that the landing on the website of the Italian production quality is just beginning.
(Wired September 2014)

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