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Culture is a real bargain, but not in Italy

Culture is a real bargain, but not in Italy

The Guggenheim Bilbao has created 6000 jobs and collects 274 million  euro per year. A branch of the Louvre Lens taked  off with an exhibition on the Etruscans of Cerveteri. The British Museum had a  boom in business with a documentary on Pompeii. Even the Arabs point on museums of  new generation. And Italy?

In Italy ” with the culture you do not eat .” This was well explained when the  Minister of Economy was  Giulio Tremonti. Yet just get out of italian national borders to realize that the culture in many countries is a  real deal.

There are many countries that have implemented an economic conversion focusing on their culture. The Guggenheim Bilbao , for example, is a cutting-edge facility , titanium , designed by American architect Gehry , which attracts about a million visitors a year. Iit  had a  cost of  120 million eur , has created 6000 jobs  and has earned only in 2011,  274  millions.

It has become one of Europe’s cultural institutions with the highest level of self-financing . It should be noted that two-thirds of revenues come from the museum box office .

At  Lens , a town within an hour by train from Paris,   french inaugurated the branch of the Louvre and , consequently, created 400 new jobs. In its first year, the museum has been visited by 900 thousand people so that Lens has become ” one of the 50 places to visit in Europe.” Guess which  shows there has been inaugurated in December? An exhibition on the Etruscan town of Cerveteri , a UNESCO site which is little considered and little visited. The documentary film on Pompeii  was made ​​by the British Museum.

Spanis aand french  are showing us that with the culture  you can eat and also well.

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