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In the 19 november last the European Parliament approved the Europe Creative Programme 2014 – 2020

In Strasbourg, MEPs, an overwhelming majority voted in favor of the Framework Programme intended to finance, for 1.46 billion Euros, projects ranging from culture to cinema, audiovisual media.

There are a lot of news in respect to the previous programme. First, it overcomes the separation of funding for cultural projects and those for the cinema and audiovisual sector. The Media Programme, in fact, will be absorbed in the new program for a budget of € 842 million to continue to support the production and distribution of European Union. Culture will be 455 million while for the cross-sectoral projects 183 million will be allocated through, and this is the second important aspect, a guarantee fund for loans to micro and SME.

The integration between different sectors and the European transnationality also remain the cornerstones of the new programme. Particular attention will be devoted to the acquisition of new skills for young professionals.

By December the first publications of calls are scheduled. All operators must check very carefully the strategic direction of the programme before venturing into the design.

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