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The “Tavola Doria” after 70 years goes back to Italy.

The “Tavola Doria” after 70 years goes back to Italy.

Disappeared from Naples in 1940 and  seached   by the Italian police since 1983 , the Tavola Doria  returned to Italy after more than seventy years, according to an agreement with the Japanese Tokyo Fuji Art Museum.

The ‘Tavola Doria’, is  the oil painting of the early sixteenth century considered the most important pictorial testimony of the Battle of Anghiari, the great lost fresco by Leonardo da Vinci painted in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio.

Donated by the Japanese museum to  Italian Ministry   the painting – will be at the Palazzo del Quirinale.
The painting (86×115 cm), depictis  the Battle of the Standard, a time of the Battle of Anghiari.

The close agreement between the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum provides that the painting wiil remain in Italy until end of 2014,  then return for another four years in Japan and then to the again return to Italy.

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