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San camillo hosts the congress of neurological science

San camillo hosts  the  congress of neurological science

It will be the san Camillo Forlanini hospital in Rome to host on Wednesday 9 May, to host the 52nd Congress of the companies’ of Neurological Sciences (SNO), an event titled ‘The neurosciences hospital, the challenge of new technologies and the centrality’ of the sick person ‘.
It will be ‘the opportunity to present the Italian indipendente study Espansion Synthesis’, financed by public funds, which compares two methods of treatment in the acute phase of stroke, one with medicines and the other with endovascular devices.
The ultimate goal – according to a note of the roman hospital – is ‘testing the best practice for reducing mortality’ and disability ‘as a result of cerebrovascular events. Twenty-five Italian hospital are involevd, 362 patients enrolled.
The results are eagerly awaited by the ‘international scientific community .
At the same meeting they will be explained the new opportunities ‘diagnostic and therapeutic for multiple sclerosis that are greatly improving the quality’ of life of sick people, revolutionizing the approach to this disease.
The S.Camillo Forlanini is thee reference point for the Centre sout , and on this occasion will present its activities’ of research and assistance.

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