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Scientists and journalists, testing communication

Scientists and journalists, testing  communication

 Often, scientists and journalists seem to live in two different worlds, not communicating with each other. The first are too concentrated on they researches. The seconds overwhelmed from the speed of everyday events and the difficulty to investigate some issues, especially the very technical ones.
A distance that sometimes results in a mutual misunderstanding, almost a diffidence.
Many observers are aware that there is need for more initiatives to increase the level of training of journalists and science communicators, so they can offer a more careful and aware information. And scientists need to learn communication skills.
A concrete proposal provides the possibility to involve giornalistis in the work of the researcher, showing them the different branches of biomedical research, giving them the opportunity to connect with researchers and physicians. And, above all, to understand the complexity and uncertainty of the scientific process.
At the same time, scientists should make progress in the field of communication, and learn to use a less technical languag.
A practical proposal would be to open biology and medicine labs to a particular group of observers: a kind of intensive residential course for science journalists, for those who deal with health and science, in newspapers, on radio, on TV and on the web .
In the course, laboratory experiments to detect genetic mutations, to learn which are the techniques to extract stem cells from umbilical cord, what is amyloidosis, and more.

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